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Performance Management with Yomly Includes:

Empower your employees

Designed to encourage continuous improvement, employees can stay on track with their goals and monitor their progress. Progress is measured and goals are reviewed with managers to encourage improvement and professional development.


Change the conversation around employee performance, taking it from an occasional discussion to a daily, motivation conversation.

Once goals are agreed between manager and employee, they appear on the employee’s dashboard and are updated in real-time whenever the metrics change.

Employees receive continuous feedback from their job on a daily basis and can communicate directly within the goal with relevant stakeholders.

Goal Setting

Goals are proposed and negotiated directly within the system, with real metrics that can be updated both from within Yomly or external data sources. At review time, Managers may view the current progress of their goal negotiation process for all employees. They can see the progress towards achievement on their manager dashboards.

The Performance Management processes, approvals and signoffs are handled within customisable workflows that can be customised to the way you wish to work.

Get Ready to Automate

With Yomly’s workflow engines, retrieve information from external systems and use them to update the current achievement against goals. We believe that all goals should be SMART, Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time Bound.


Define goals as templates, which can provide the starting point for tailoring goals for specific employees as well as add new templates to the system at any time. Templates are provided for review meetings as part of the review workflow, which can be tailored and customised to your individual business requirements.


Save reports along with a snapshot of the data at the time the report was run, as well as rerun and review at any time online. Saved reports may also be used for compliance and auditing purposes.

An easy to use performance management system to replace spreadsheets, forms & time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on what matters – your people.

More Features:

Organisational Charts

HR Admin

Employee Benefits

Mobile Application

Organisational Charts

Give your employees everything they need to access their benefits offering. From gratuity calculators to exclusive discounts, Yomly makes your benefits count.

HR Admin

Efficiently manage your HR and administrative tasks with an easy-to-use, flexible & customizable software.

Employee Benefits

Give your employees access to their benefits. Exclusive discounts, medical insurance details and more.

Mobile Application

Provide your employees with a self-service mobile application to edit their profile, request leave, view payslips etc.

Performance management system is the cornerstone of effective human resource management. A vital component of our human capital management solution, our performance management module goes beyond traditional HR functions, like ATS software and shift scheduling. It encompasses comprehensive goal, KPI and target tracking as well as employee reviews, self-assessment, manager feedback and the valuable insights gained from colleagues and 360-degree feedback.

In the realm of human resource management, an effective performance management system is paramount. Our performance management software simplifies the complex task of setting and tracking goals, KPIs and targets. Employee reviews are conducted seamlessly, fostering communication and growth. Self-assessment empowers employees to take ownership of their development, while manager feedback ensures guidance and support. The rich perspectives from colleagues and 360-degree feedback provide a holistic view, enabling well-informed decisions.

Elevate your organisation’s performance management system with our software. Beyond mere ATS software and shift scheduling, it offers a comprehensive solution that enhances employee development, fosters collaboration and empowers your workforce for sustained success.