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ATS/Recruitment with Yomly Includes:

Recruitment Made Easy

From Hire to Retire, Manage the Entire Lifecycle of Employment with Yomly. From the first application, through to onboarding and beyond, Yomly’s ATS & Recruitment module helps you manage every stage of an employee’s journey. Whether the vacancy is the result of growth or the exit of existing staff, the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) can help you manage the process behind filling the vacancy.

Keep it Centralised

Communication with the candidate is also automatically managed by the Yomly with a series of automated emails at each stage of your hiring process with the option of booking an interview and reserving a room as well as offering the role to a candidate or marking them as unsuccessful and therefore adding them to your Talent Pool to be considered for future roles.

ATS Recruitment
ATS Recruitment

Keep it Efficient

Job Descriptions on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are stored on the software as a library of jobs, in both an external and internal format. The platform further offers a rich text editor to help include embedded videos, images, and even links to other sites and documents.

Once prepared, the job description can be linked to the particular job requisition while taking into account the budget and headcount guidelines set forth by the business.


When applying for a role the candidate can record a short video introduction of themselves as well as uploading their CV and Cover Letter ready for review by the relevant Hiring Managers.

Interview Stage

Yomly’s ATS platform allows employees to view requisitions published on the internal careers site. For requisitions published to the external careers portal, a company-branded portal is made available to the HR team.

The posts can be accessed from a branded URL,
or embedded in another site such as LinkedIn or GulfTalent for the organisation’s benefit.

You’ve Got the Questions

The hiring process is made efficient with screening questionnaires that are recycled for candidates applying to the same position.

Across multiple requisitions, screening questions can also be reused when stored as templates on the software system and linked to specific job requisitions. The ATS module further allows the HR team to review screening answers before deciding to move the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process.

Building Your Talent Pool

Unsuccessful candidates can be added to your Talent Pool and can be referenced when raising new Job Requisitions based on skills, experience and qualifications.

Any suitable candidates can then be added to the hiring process.

An Interactive
Interface for Everyone

With Job Descriptions tailored for multiple regions, countries and locations and displayed in multiple languages where necessary, the Yomly ATS software offers an interactive interface for all.

Furthermore, at each step of the recruitment process, candidates will be kept up to date with company-branded emails – ensuring efficiency throughout the entire process.

More Features:

Organisational Charts

HR Admin

Employee Benefits

Mobile Application

Organisational Charts

Give your employees everything they need to access their benefits offering. From gratuity calculators to exclusive discounts, Yomly makes your benefits count.

HR Admin

Efficiently manage your HR and administrative tasks with an easy-to-use, flexible & customizable software.

Employee Benefits

Give your employees access to their benefits. Exclusive discounts, medical insurance details and more.

Mobile Application

Provide your employees with a self-service mobile application to edit their profile, request leave, view payslips etc.

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS)/recruitment software, a key component of HR software, is integral to modern human resource management, streamlining the talent acquisition processes while enhancing performance management. This HRMS software effectively addresses common challenges such as requisition approvals, applicant tracking with feedback and scoring, and customised screening questions. Offering a comprehensive solution, it simplifies internal and external job postings via a dedicated careers page and optimises candidate selection with its ATS capabilities.

Requisition approvals are made swift and hassle-free through intuitive ATS/recruitment software features. The system facilitates seamless job requisition creation and approvals. The applicant tracking function provides detailed insights into candidate progress, allowing for informed decision-making with precise feedback and scoring. Customisable screening questions further refine the selection process.

In the current HR landscape, ATS / recruitment software proves its worth beyond talent acquisition. Its versatility provides a strategic edge, enhancing performance management, streamlining shift scheduling and effectively addressing recruitment challenges. This comprehensive tool ensures your organisation remains competitive and future-ready, encompassing various aspects of human resource management, all while simplifying processes with precision.