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CORE HR with Yomly includes:

Cover all of your HR needs with our CoreHR Module.
Let Yomly take the strain of HR administration, so you can focus on your people.

Core HR

Leave Management

Level up Leave Management with Yomly. Consolidate & automate time-off requests. Quickly review and approve real-time leave requests, allocate accruals, carry-overs, and banked time integrating seamlessly with your companies’ leave policies directly from the desktop or on the go in the app.

Employee Community
& Engagement

Harness the power of connectivity with Yomly’s Community page. Boost engagement and connect your employees no matter where they are located. Use Yomly’s Community Portal to post company updates, articles, employee news and benefits, FAQs and so much more. Build a strong and connected team, with Yomly’s intuitive and powerful software.


and Offboarding

The first few days at work can be intimidating when you don’t know your way around. Eliminate time-consuming first-day formalities and walk employees through a self-service onboarding experience with Yomly.

Onboarding/offboarding employees has never been easier, the whole process is reduced to a matter of minutes. Drive engagement, with a great onboarding experience for new hires. Yomly eliminates time consuming first-day formalities and walks employees through a self-service on-boarding experience.

Document Management 

Keep important documents in one place with Yomly’s centralised repository for all of your
HR documents. From employee contracts to visa information and company handbooks – documents are organised and secured in Yomly’s cloud-based platform.

View a real-time dashboard, showing your employee’s expiring documents. Push notifications will alert the employee and manager with expiry/renewal documents trigger points such as: 3 months, 1 month, & when expired. An employee’s dependents’ documents can also be uploaded and monitored in the same way.

Get Organised

More Features:

Organisational Charts

HR Admin

Employee Benefits

Mobile Application

Organisational Charts

Give your employees everything they need to access their benefits offering. From gratuity calculators to exclusive discounts, Yomly makes your benefits count.

HR Admin

Efficiently manage your HR and administrative tasks with an easy-to-use, flexible & customizable software.

Employee Benefits

Give your employees access to their benefits. Exclusive discounts, medical insurance details and more.

Mobile Application

Provide your employees with a self-service mobile application to edit their profile, request leave, view payslips etc.

Embedded within our holistic human capital management solutions, the Core HR module is the linchpin that seamlessly integrates with vital HR functions. This versatile module addresses key HR needs, including employee database administration, streamlined onboarding and offboarding, leave and absence management and efficient document management. As an integral part of your HR infrastructure, the Core HR module connects seamlessly with our performance management and ATS/recruitment software, enhancing overall HR effectiveness.

Within the Core HR module, employee information is efficiently managed, ensuring data accuracy and accessibility. The intuitive document management feature eliminates the burden of paperwork, simplifying document and letter requests for employees and administrators alike.

By harnessing the Core HR module’s capabilities alongside performance management, organisations can create a cohesive HR ecosystem. The integration of ATS/recruitment software into the Core HR module, fosters a unified approach to talent acquisition and HR processes, paving the way for streamlined operations and strategic human capital management solutions.