Planning for a Successful Digital HR Transformation with Yomly

Digital HR transformations have become a fundamental prerequisite for financial success but many organisations seem to be falling behind when it comes to executing this kind of transformation successfully. One of the main reasons is the overlooking of certain vital elements that need to be prepared ahead of time. No matter how well an HR system is designed, three decisive factors support the success of a digital HR transformation within an organisation. Here is Yomly’s breakdown of these three vital factors and how they can help revolutionise your digital HR transformation.

Core HR

Establish Clear Goals

Before taking on a significant digital transformation, that impacts all aspects of business operations, it’s essential to define the goals of the transformation. HR systems are used to overcome specific HR issues and to enhance a more productive and cost-effective workplace. Yomly’s intuitive platform will revolutionise your HR & Payroll processes but before we implement the platform, it is essential to define the specific HR issues you are looking to solve.

Take some time to define these goals to ensure they are carefully addressed in the transformation process. An important step in your journey with Yomly, these goals enable your team to benefit from a stable and definable return on investment.

Establishing clear goals will also enable businesses to match and measure the performance or results of the transformation, making any necessary adjustments or improvements throughout the process. Any digital HR transformation with Yomly will be effective and deliver results, but the results will be better when the goals of an HR department are duly considered within the planning and execution of the platform.

Involve & Prepare Target Audience

Transforming your HR processes with Yomly leads to major improvements in the experiences of an HR team, as well as every employee. The widespread impact that the platform has on your business, makes it essential to involve affected stakeholders at the initial stages of planning.

Ask your team for opinions, ideas and perspectives. Including your employees is a critical step to ensure that your tailor-made platform is adaptable and adopted by your team straight away. Only then can you truly benefit from the Yomly platform.

Providing the right training is another vital element of any digital transformation. Yomly’s team of experts will guide your team through the platform, ensuring you know it inside out, helping your team make the most of their new HR & Payroll platform.

Keep It Simple

Another relatively overlooked factor when it comes to implementing a successful digital HR transformation is keeping it simple for users. Yomly’s user-friendly and intuitive platform enables users to start using it with confidence, making the most out of the advanced functionality. This way your HR team will stay engaged and excited throughout the implementation and adoption process and truly benefit from the Yomly platform.

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