HR Admin.

With Yomly, you can now manage your employees easily in real-time while focusing on essential tasks that lead to success. Yomly’s system allows employers to review employee performance, access crucial documents, and more from one place.

Storing Employees’ Information

Yomly offers an option where all employee details can be stored safely in each employee’s separate profiles. The profiles feature all of the information that employees would need to know, such as their department, their position, their supervisors, and other options to avail different benefits.

Storing Personal Information

The system also allows employees’ personal information to be added from any device and the categories include the employees’ contact information, their nationality, religion and many more.

Tailored Categories

The system also allows both employers and employees to edit and add more information according to their requirements. All of the personal data can be updated at any given time.

Keeping Track Of Employees

You can now access all of the employees’ information in one place and quickly contact and locate them whenever you require. You can check a worker’s current engagement and availability status with just a few steps with this option.

Work Updates

With the help of a single notification, employers can stay up to date with any pending requests and tasks that need immediate approval. Yomly provides an easier way to keep track of every job and notifies managers automatically once an employee submits a request.

Generating Documents

Yomly can also help employers produce documents and reports regarding each business department in a few easy steps that can be downloaded. It helps employers understand the crucial point that they should focus on in their workforce.

Issue Travelling Expenses

Companies can now use Yomly’s services to set travel charges according to different countries and ticket categories such as first-class, business class, and economy tickets.

Yomly notifies everyone when the ticket values have been determined over a specific period, and people can stay up to date with ticket accruals as soon as possible.

Managing Documents

Yomly manages all of the paperwork of the employees’ families and updates them whenever it is required. You can access the family member’s essential data, such as identification documents, easily.

Grouping Employees

Employers can also group employees in specific categories according to their position so that they can integrate company’s policies and other payroll and HR related tasks with each category.


1What is the duration of the entire process?
The execution time entirely depends on the size of the business and the type of issues they have. Typically, the process takes around four to twelve weeks.
2Can we merge Yomly with our other software?
You can effortlessly join Yomly with the applications and platforms that you use on a daily basis. We offer various options of combining Yomly with other software for payroll, admin tasks, etc.
1Can Yomly be used for our other branches in different regions?
Most of our clients are spread out in numerous regions across the globe. Our flexible software is available anywhere in the world.
2What is the type of guidance and assistance Yomly offers?
We prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of our clients as most businesses do. Therefore, our main aim is to deliver excellent service to our clients consistently, and our team of experts is well-equipped to guide you through any stage of the process.
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