Optimise Your Recruitment Processes With The Innovative ATS Module

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a human resources software dedicated to addressing an organisation’s recruitment requirements. As a vital component of HR, the ATS simplifies and speeds up the entire process of selecting a new employee. The application’s ability to collect and filter resumes based on pre-set criteria makes it one of the most proficient modern methods of screening candidates. 

Nowadays, innovative ATS technology has gone beyond the efficient management of applications and data mining to achieve complete automation of the entire recruitment process. Powered by artificial intelligence, the latest systems streamline workflow to help companies find the most qualified candidates. An ATS platform can optimise recruitment by addressing time, budget, and quality in the following ways.

Optimise Your Recruitment Processes With The Innovative ATS Module

Faster Hiring

The recruitment period is usually a lengthy one as it begins with a job posting that is then followed up with sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring. Advanced software like an ATS can drastically shorten this entire process by speeding up tasks at each level of the recruitment stage using intuitive technology. 

Automation methods like resume (or CV) parsing segregate applicants based on their stated credentials, and computerised interview scheduling and email notifications help to quickly inform candidates about their application status. The ATS also allows recruiters to add notes to specific resumes and create a talent database of promising job seekers suitable for the open slots in the organisation.

Reduced Costs

Recruitment can also involve substantial costs per hire and these expenses include advertising for vacancies, referral bonuses, and recruiter fees. All of the above are essential factors when determining a traditional hiring budget. An ATS can reduce this amount through the automation of tasks that lower professional hours spent in the recruitment process.

In addition, the system – linked to HR software – also provides a list of prospective candidates in advance from its existing talent database. The guidance also comes from insights that highlight the most economical and successful route in finding the best hires that can truly add value to the company.

Better Recruits

In the long run, recruitment is all about the true calibre of a hire, which can only be assessed after they spend sufficient time in the company. 

An ATS increases the chances of success by reaching out to highly talented candidates within the shortest period of time, allowing the opportunity to stay ahead of the game where other companies may also be vying for the same jobseeker.

Once shortlisted, the software uses automated emails and prompts to regularly communicate with the candidate and establish a connection that could lead to bringing them on board successfully.  

Yomly can offer the guidance you need in selecting the right ATS module for your needs with our variety of services that are customised to each company’s profile and requirements. Our expertise in HR systems will assist in integrating the application with your current software platform to ensure faster and more efficient hiring and recruitment records and processes altogether.

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