Manage Your Daily Payroll Tasks Proactively And Efficiently.

Compensate your workforce right on time with Yomly.

Computerized Estimations

Yomly allows managers to oversee immediate pay estimates for new employees as soon as they join. Moreover, it calculates the pay for employees that are leaving and it also accommodates any changes in the pay policies with their editing feature. Employees are also notified about any changes in the payroll system

Tailored Salary Options

You can insert additional categories such as accommodation allowances, salary bonus or commission payment with the help of Yomly. Moreover, you can also save an employees’ compensation history and review it at any time.

Several Currency Types

Yomly’s features allow you to pay employees based in different countries in the GCC & MENA region with ease. Employees in different branches across the region can be easily compensated with our various currency options.

Expense Management

You can now track all of the business expenses. Submit various documents such as receipts and review approvals all in one place. Our expenditure option allows employees to request approvals for their spending by uploading proof of spending and other supplementary material for review. The request follows the standard stages, and then they are either accepted or rejected.

When the requests are accepted, they are merged into Yomly’s payroll system so that the costs can be covered using Yomly’s multiple currency features available. Throughout the entire process, all parties are kept updated on the approval status via notifications.

Managing Advances

Pay employees in advance and keep track of reimbursements through a schedule. You can also keep track of the company’s credits and debits as well as the total liabilities of the business.

Manage Several Payrolls

You can operate payrolls multiple times such as on a monthly or even a weekly basis or at any other instance depending on the functions of your business.

Submit Multiple Documents

You can upload various files regarding payments such as additions, deductions, bonus and commission. You can easily upload them by dragging and dropping the files in designated areas. The supported files should be in CSV. or XLS format.

Secure Wage Management

You can easily export data regarding employees’ wages in a matter of minutes. Yomly allows the data to be downloaded into WPS files with ease.


Produce documents that detail the payroll processes such as the payment history, variance, cheques, advances, salary history and GL code/expense reports. They can be downloaded as PDF, .CSV, .XLS files.


View and download current and past Payslips.

Easily produce payment invoice and send it to employees effectively through email as well as through Yomly’s applications. Employees can submit a request for the invoice through Yomly’s system, and they will be alerted once the invoice is issued via notifications.

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