Mobile Application.

Yomly is easily accessible through the mobile application, where managers can keep track of essential work updates from anywhere with just one click. The following features are available in the mobile app, and companies can avail them at any time.


The homepage allows managers to approve and review various requests such as vacation approvals, keeping track of employees and their whereabouts, and document approvals.

Leave Requests

While managers can quickly approve vacation requests from the app, employees can also access the approval details via the mobile application.

Document Requests

Employees can request specific documents containing legal data or payroll information from the application quickly and get notified immediately.

Business Expenses

You can now track every expense through the mobile application by just simply submitting invoices, and your managers will be notified immediately of the approval process.


The Yomly mobile app displays the availability status for each employee through a calendar and their profiles.

Medical Benefits

The mobile app makes it more accessible for employees to view their insurance benefits. The app gives employees access to the healthcare policies as well as thair medical insurance card from one place. They can easily navigate through the app and find what they are looking for based on their conditions etc. The app also offers an option to upload receipts so that employees can be reimbursed.

Company Directory

they can access all the features by using the app’s option to narrow down their search results and find what they need. Therefore, employers can also search for any employees with just one search and contact them immediately.


1What is the duration of the entire process?
The execution time entirely depends on the size of the business and the type of issues they have. Typically, the process takes around four to twelve weeks.
2Can we merge Yomly with our other software?
You can effortlessly join Yomly with the applications and platforms that you use on a daily basis. We offer various options of combining Yomly with other software for payroll, admin tasks, etc.
1Can Yomly be used for our other branches in different regions?
Most of our clients are spread out in numerous regions across the globe. Our flexible software is available anywhere in the world.
2What is the type of guidance and assistance Yomly offers?
We prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of our clients as most businesses do. Therefore, our main aim is to deliver excellent service to our clients consistently, and our team of experts is well-equipped to guide you through any stage of the process.
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