Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The recruitment process has been made easy with Yomly’s management system that helps companies find applicants that can fill up vacant positions in the organization easily and quickly. This tool allows businesses to track employees’ progress from their recruitment till they join the organization, and hiring avengers can stay up to date with the ongoing recruitment effectively.

Easy Management & Access

You can track the number of job applicants and their submitted documents through a single homepage provided by Yomly. On this page, companies can review and schedule different interviews and update job descriptions any time is required.

Yomly makes the beginning stages of the hiring process easier and more efficient with their highly advanced communication system. This option automatically contacts employees during the process and schedules interviews on behalf of the company. It also keeps track of candidate’s potentials and updates the system if an applicant is considered competent for the company.

Organizing Job Descriptions & Applications Productively

Yomly effectively stores all data related to job descriptions on its database. It also offers an editing option where managers can check for errors and add more content if needed, such as linking other data in the job descriptions. After the job descriptions are ready, Yomly develops different job applications, according to company rules and regulations, for the available positions in the company and links the job descriptions to the applications.

Formulating An Evaluation

Yomly also aids the recruitment process by designing forms that serve as the evaluation stage. Potential candidates applying for a particular position must complete and pass the evaluation test before moving on to the next step of hiring. The forms can be used across several different departments for various job positions and tailored to each job’s requirements. Hiring managers can then review the answers from each candidate and shortlist candidates that will make it to the next step of the hiring process.

Candidates that do not pass a particular stage are then added as potential future candidates in the database. When the company publishes other job applications, these candidates can be suggested based on their capabilities and details stored in Yomly’s servers.

Submitting Videos and Other
Relevant Documents

WCandidates can easily submit any sort of content, such as short video introductions, resumes, and cover letters, etc., so that the recruitment managers can get to know them better, which helps the hiring process.

Continuously Updating &
Reviewing Applicants

Yomly’s database is linked to several job portals as well as the company’s career portal so that new candidates and employees alike can review various job positions that have been made available. Job applications that are posted on other job portals are also provided to the recruitment team via an exclusive portal for the company.

The applications can also be viewed through a special company URL or inserted in other pages such as LinkedIn and GulfTalent for the company’s accessibility.

Saving Potential Candidates

Those candidates that were unable to make it through the hiring process are saved in Yomly’s system and they can be considered as applicants for other relevant job applications in the future based on their skill sets.

A Useful Feature For Everyone

Using Yomly’s accessible recruitment features, you can tailor the job description depending on each region and cater to the different languages when needed. Yomly’s Recruitment Tool offers abundant options for everyone anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Yomly’s feature allows applicants to stay up to date with each stage of their recruitment emails which leads to effective communication and decision-making.

Make the recruitment process easier so you can hire the best people.


1What is the duration of the entire process?
The execution time entirely depends on the size of the business and the type of issues they have. Typically, the process takes around four to twelve weeks.
2Can we merge Yomly with our other software?
You can effortlessly join Yomly with the applications and platforms that you use on a daily basis. We offer various options of combining Yomly with other software for payroll, admin tasks, etc.
1Can Yomly be used for our other branches in different regions?
Most of our clients are spread out in numerous regions across the globe. Our flexible software is available anywhere in the world.
2What is the type of guidance and assistance Yomly offers?
We prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of our clients as most businesses do. Therefore, our main aim is to deliver excellent service to our clients consistently, and our team of experts is well-equipped to guide you through any stage of the process.
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